Here you will find examples of Mark's work,
including paintings, drawings, sculptures, buildings, and the Caves; with links and information about this work, as well as his work in film, video, music and performance art.

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"Quotes and Comments"

"Art is the celebration of as many realities as we are able to accept."

"The purpose of Art is to illuminate. The purpose of the Artist is to flip the switch."

"When there are as many definitions for a word (e.g. love, art, or artists) as there are people using it, the word really has no meaning. But that won't stop everyone from using it."

"An artist necessarily must look at the world in a new and different way, often outside of acceptable social norms and practices. Sometimes the only way we can see clearly who and where we are is by looking from another place." (One's home is most clearly revealed upon returning from a long and distant journey.)

"Even the most mundane subject can be seen in an infinite variety of ways. This is the nature of seeing. It is for the artist to find that point of view that shows us how we see."


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