Mark has always been uncomfortable about selling his art
because he did not want money to effect the personal relationship with his work.

Early in his career as an artist he decided he would take any money from sales and invest it back into Art. After buying all the paint and materials he needed, and eventually equipment for doing film and music projects, he started buying or trading for other artists' work.
Over the years he has amassed a large and very diverse collection, much of which has been going into his Cave Museum. Much of the collection is of a highly controversial or provocative nature, dealing in such subjects as life and death, religion, war, and eroticism.
Other work is as classical as a bouquet of flowers. But almost as interesting as the works are the stories behind them and how they came into Mark's possession. Some of these stories will be told in the Info section, but if you have specific interests, questions or requests, please contact MER directly.



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